Diwaniya for Women: The Rest of the Story

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200 Hitting Children, Part One

201  Hitting Children, Part Two: 

202  Responsibility, Part One 

203  Responsibility, Part Two

204 Forgiveness, Part One

205 Forgiveness, Part Two

206 Confrontation, Part One  

207 Confrontation, Part Two

208 Sex in Marriage, Part One 

209 Sex in Marriage, Part Two 

210 Comparison, Part One 

211 Comparison, Part Two 

212 Depression, Part One 

213 Depression, Part Two 

214   Expressing Feelings, Part One

215  Expressing Feelings, Part Two 

216   Money Addiction, Part One

217   Money Addiction, Part Two

218  Guilt Feelings, Part One

219  Guilt Feelings, Part Two 

220  Raising up Girls, Part One 

221  Raising up Girls, Part Two 

222   Child Abuse, Part One 

223   Child Abuse, Part Two 

224  Child Abuse, Part Three 

225  Child Abuse, Part Four 

226  Dealing with Feelings 

228  Fear, Part One 

229  Fear, Part Two

230  AIDS, Part One 

231  AIDS, Part Two 

232  Listening, Part One 

233  Listening, Part Two 

234  Marriage Relationship, Part One 

235 Marriage Relationship, Part Two 

236 Forgiveness, Part One 

237 Forgiveness, Part Two 

238 Confrontation, Part One 

239 Confrontation, Part Two 

240 Sexual Relationship, Part One 

241 Sexual Relationship, Part Two 

242 Depression, Part One

243  Depression, Part Two 

244 Comparison

246 Addiction, Part One 

247 Addiction, Part Two 

248  Guilt Towards God, Part One 

249 Guilt Towards God, Part Two 

250 Sexual Abuse of Girls, Part One 

251 Sexual Abuse of Girls, Part Two 

252 Sexual Abuse of Boys, Part One

Diwaniya for Women: The Rest of the Story talks about every day issues that Arab women go through. We have shows that cover a wide range of subjects and topics. 

The word Diwaniya comes from the word “Divan” in Turkish and “Diwan” in Arabic, and it means a “living room sitting" - the idea is of men gathering in a living room to fellowship over tea and coffee. The word “Diwaniya” is the feminine form, that has never been used (for women) only men can be in the Diwan gathering. These episodes introduce women in similar sittings.

Featured Episode: Marital Problems