Bright and Morning Star

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Ruling Emotions by Janice SeneyRuling Emotions by Janice Seney

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Gift of Art with Dennis Sprik: 

Satan's Legal Right

Bright and Morning Star first aired in 2008 in the Arabic language through satellite into North America and Mexico and also aired on local San Diego stations.  Satellite quickly spanned international, reaching the Middle East as well. 

The show transitioned into the English language and live streamed through the internet and today, Bright and Morning Star can be viewed on 

The name, “Bright and Morning Star,” originating from Revelation 22:16 is speaking of looking forward to the return of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, amidst a dark, night sky.

This forward-looking hope has translated into the show’s current theme: Sharing amazing God-stories with the world, and it is our hope that you too will experience your own, personal God-story that will change your life forever.

Featured Episode: The Father's House International